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Industrial Solar System & Solar Panels in Ahmedabad


Taiyo Solar is a leading supplier of solar roof top systems in Gujarat. It provides a high efficiency Industrial and Commercial Solar Panels system. We are committed to provide with good quality solar panel to generate a better output and each panel is customized and then installed in a phased manner for best possible effectiveness

With high electricity load and huge electricity bills being a huge concern for almost every industrial establishment, our Solar panels make the most viable alternative and perfect energy solution for industries to reduce the peak loading of the grid and do away with high electricity tariff rates.

Every industry and its requirements can be different. Be it agriculture, bio technology, manufacturing unit, consumer packaged goods or any other industry – our custom-tailored solar solutions ensure that you get the kind of return on investment, while also taking responsible decisions about the planet. Make deliberate Sustainable choices by investing in a Clean, Green, and Profitable future for your company with our Solar Solutions.