Reliable Water Supply, The Eco-friendly and Economical Way.

Water Pumps


Taiyo Solar is well regarded in Ahmedabad and is a leader in Solar powered Water Pumps. It has a very low maintenance cost, and brings environmental and socio-economic benefits. Taiyo Solar’s solar water pumps is used for farms, gardens, agricultural lands, household, commercial, industrial and to power solar irrigation systems

From agriculture or industries or residential, uninterrupted water supply are basic needs. By moving to solar water pumps from traditional water pumps, you not just minimize the dependence on electricity, but you can use them anywhere. With relatively lesser components, these pumps run for years without needing any maintenance and less likely to break down.

At Taiyo Solar, we partner you to make your transition to solar water pumps smooth. To make things simple for you, we also offer to connect your existing traditional water pumps to our solar solutions – and help you reap all benefits of Solar. You can be confident of customized, unmatched and flexible solutions for reliable water supply that match any application – on the farm or ranch, or around your home. Find the right water supply system and improve the efficiency of your property with our Simple, Powerful and Energy efficient Alternatives.